Ellina Spring Summer 2023 Collection: Closest to Your Heart

Posted on July 24 2023

Ellina SS23 Collection

Imagine a beautiful morning, where the rays of light gently kiss your skin, and a light breeze carries the scent of the beach. In this picturesque setting, you walk out of bed, dressed in comfortable pajamas that reflect your mood. You change into a stylish bra and flattering underwear that are a testament to your inner beauty. In the evening, you put on an enchanting babydoll, setting the stage for some sexy playtime. With Ellina's Spring Summer 2023 collection, you can enjoy the journey of self-expression and celebrate the happy moods of summer. Discover the beauty of each section from pajamas and bras to babydolls and shapewear.


Ellina Lingerie: Closest to your heart


Spring Summer 2023 Pajama Collection

Ellina SS23 pajama collection
Getting a good night of sleep can really decide your mood. To ensure that you enjoy comfortable sleep during warm summer nights, our Spring Summer 2023 pajamas collection brings you stylish sleepwear that will have you sleeping comfortably and waking up in style.

Our collection reflects the joyful vibes of summer and spring. From playful polka dots to beautiful floral patterns, our pajamas reflect the beauty of nature and the blossoming flowers of the season.

Express yourself through soft pastels, hues, and refreshing tones that mirror the colors of a summer morning. Delicate pinks, calming blues, and sunny yellows create a sense of serenity, while bold oranges and tropical greens add a playful touch. Check out our sleepwear collection and experience the comfort of Ellina!


Spring Summer 2023 Babydoll Collection

Ellina SS23 Babydoll collection

The summer sun will not be the only thing bringing the heat this summer! Our delicate and feminine babydoll pieces are designed to embrace the moods and vibes of summer and spring. They will ignite your confidence and set the stage for memorable nights.

From the flirtatious V-necklines to the playful and flirty babydoll silhouettes, every piece complements your body and highlights your beauty. Delicate floral patterns add a romantic touch to the overall look. Satin ribbons make for an exciting and elegant look, bringing out an effortless sense of charm.

With our Babydoll collection, you can explore your playful side, embrace your femininity, and create intimate moments. Let the lace details, satin ribbons, and sheer fabrics take you to a world of seduction and desire where nights are filled with romance and sensuality. 


Spring Summer 2023 Shapewear Collection

Ellina SS23 Shapewear collection 2023

Summer is all about feeling confident and free, and with Ellina's Spring/Summer 2023 shapewear collection, you can achieve just that. Our high-waist body shapers utilize targeted compression to shape and tone your body. This gives you a sculpted look and offers you a smooth feel and appearance, free from any visible lines.

But that's not all. In our collection, you'll find a variety of options to suit your needs. From tummy-control briefs to waist cinchers, we have it all. These pieces provide a great level of control, working to pull in the waist, flatten the tummy, and tone the butt. With this level of support, you can rock any style and step out with confidence.


Spring Summer 2023 Bra Sets

Ellina SS23 Bras collection 2023

The secret of any great outfit starts with the right bra, and Ellina Spring/Summer 2023 bra sets are designed to offer you unmatched support and style. They also come in a variety of designs and colors. From classic to intricate lace patterns. They offer a wide range of options to fit every taste and occasion. Whether you're shopping for a push-up bra or a comfortable everyday bra for all-day wear, we have you covered. 

This variety sets our bras apart and offers you the ability to enjoy every mood. You can choose from a set of colors inspired by the beauty of flowers, sunlit days, and warm summer nights.


Spring Summer 2023 Underwear Collection

Ellina SS23 underwear collection 2023

Complete your lingerie collection this season with our Spring Summer 2023 underwear. If you want to feel sexy and confident, you will need to have a pair of these underwear pieces. Our selection features cheeky briefs, elegant thongs, and more, ensuring there's something for every style and preference.

Although they are simple and minimal, the attention to detail and luxurious fabrics define our underwear collection. Every piece has been carefully fabricated from delicate lace to soft, comfortable materials to complement your unique beauty and enhance your natural curves. The cuts and styles are designed to provide a comfortable and flattering fit, allowing you to move freely and feel your best throughout the season.

Express yourself with confidence as you explore our range of underwear. Whether you're seeking a playful and flirty look or a more simple and elegant style, our collection has it all.

With Ellina's Spring Summer 2023 underwear range, you can add a touch of allure to your closet. For a classic option, our basic panties offer comfort and versatility. And if you want to go for a daring look, our seamless panties are the perfect choice. Dress for yourself, dress to express, and let the summer and spring vibes shine in every aspect of your lingerie collection.

Celebrate the Seasons with Ellina

Ellina's Spring Summer 2023 collection is more than aesthetics and fashion. It is a celebration of emotions, an expression of self-love, and a tribute to the extraordinary beauty of being a woman. Embody your emotions and let your mood take center stage with our captivating lingerie collection Whether you're feeling sensual, playful, confident, or carefree, our lingerie sets are designed to complement your unique style and personality. Shop our Spring Summer 2023 collection now!



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